online marketing & PR

simple website consultation:

You have some technical savvy and have picked a "do-it-yourself" package, such as Wordpress or Wix for creating and promoting your first business website, but would like a consultation from a pro.

We will recommend the best software to choose from, walk you through purchasing stock photos and customizing your website appearance and provide some marketing advice so you make sure your UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION comes through to your online visitors.

1 to 3 hours, depending on your experience

small business boot-up

The package may include light website revamp, search engine optimization and social networking setup - we will discuss and agree on all options. Amazing value, as update to your old(er) website look and feel may also be included! Get rebranding and marketing advice all at once.

What may be included (as per individual agreement)

  1. update the website as needed. This may include changes to look and feel, text, specials, etc.

  2. make sure you know how your customers find you - Google Analytics install if not installed already

  3. check on your search engine listings and provide improvement strategies

  4. design your first newsletter or improve your existing one

  5. consult on using Google Adwords (text ads) and set up first two campaigns.

  6. a little marker on the map - Google + Local - optimization and reviews gathering

  7. Facebook/Twitter discussion. Social networking can be fun if done well! Brainstorming of ideas and scheduling of posts.

6 hours a month, 3 months recommended.

Monthly fee - $300+GST.

We will provide detailed time report at the end of each month. Contact us to book.